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Veronica Belmont on Being an Expert without Knowing Everything about Everything

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Last March I attended SXSW Interactive like I have the past 5 years. As most of you know, I’m a big big advocate of SXSW and conferences that help make you new business friends.

While walking down the streets of Austin, TX., I bumped into Tom Merritt, host of Daily Tech News Show and a former guest on the podcast. He was eating pizza on 4th St, across from The Driskell Hotel, with his friend and colleague Veronica Belmont.

Tom introduced me to Veronica and a couple of months later she joined me on the podcast. I was inspired by them both and and completed a chapter about them in The Influencer Economy Book Why? I knew that Tom was awesome but….

To many people, Veronica is respected for her knowledge of consumer technology products and geek culture. But others specifically love her expertise around genre fiction. She and Tom discuss sci-fi fantasy books on the Sword and Laser podcast, she has co-created the Vaginal Fantasy Book Club to indulge her fondness for romance as well as fantasy novels.  She also hosts the tech show “Dear Veronica” on Engadget’s network.

black-logoWhat struck me about Veronica Belmont, is that she is a renaissance woman in the world of modern media. In the bigger picture of her career, Veronica has hard time explaining what she does for a living. Like many in the influencer economy, she is a hyphenate. She includes podcasting, working for corporate clients, and serving as an emcee, voice actor, and startup advisor as work. She told me: “I do a lot of disparate things. Podcasting is probably the foremost of what I do, or what I’m known for day to day. But I do stuff that runs the gamut of everything in my interest wheelhouse. I’m very fortunate to be able to say that.”

We talked about her life and career and she opens up at length about her overall creative process. She’s an old school podcaster and we talk about how she got her career start after graduating from Emerson College back in the day.  She told me:  “I am even to this day I don’t really consider myself an expert at any one thing. I am interested in many different things and I can speak to a lot of them but I’m not like the definitive go to guy for a thing.”

She’s not an expert and we talk about why that makes her an expert.


She told me: “I don’t think I’ve ever said this out loud before, so this is pretty funny…It’s a strange memory that I have. I was in the car with my mom when I was very young, talking about what I wanted to do for a living. I said, ‘I want to be the expert at something… I want to be the person they call to talk about a topic on a show.” She seems to have gotten her wish.

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