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Buydega: Why a Platform for Latinos in the U.S.?

By December 14, 2015 No Comments

In Four Years of Solitude (click here for the article), we tried to explain how the idea to create a Social and Community Lifestyle Platform for Latino residents in the United States had its genesis.  We called it Buydega.  The word plays with a historical aspect to the Latino Community in the U.S.  We strive to be a digital bodega. The Bodega has been nationally known as the quintessential place for Latinos and Hispanics to obtain access to cherished products and services from their home countries, a place to meet and talk about the daily opportunities and challenges uniquely faced by our sister and brothers who ventured into their new “home”.  So, Buydega was defined as a “portmanteau of the words “Bodega” and “Buy”.  It immediately communicates a special place in a playful and clever manner.  It is also quite easy to pronounce and remember.  Notwithstanding, the question persists: Why the need to create a new Lifestyle Community  based Platform for Latinos?

As we tried to deconstruct the Latino personality in the United States, we were confronted with the fact that Latinos in general are not, as we have previously expressed here, a homogeneous group, as opposed to other ethnic groups in our Nation.  See, in the U.S. close to 65% of all Latinos are of Mexican origin.  The second group, Puerto Ricans are close to 10% of the total Latino population, the remaining 25% is divided among other Latin American and Spanish Speaking Caribbean islands and countries, such as Cuba, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, El Salvador, Brazil and so on.  Two very interesting facts jump out about this composition: (a) they do not have the same background, taste or cultural traits and (b) they are segregated and concentrated in different areas of the country, mainly in the Southwest.  Although, we cannot make generalizations, since differences are indeed real, certain conclusions can be drawn from the Latino composition in the U.S.  

First, in the Southwestern part of the U.S., Latinos are predominately of Mexican origin. However, the Southeastern region is less homogeneous and more relevant to Puerto Rican, Cubans, Brazilians, Venezuelans, Colombians and Central Americans in general.   Therefore, if anybody wanted to communicate with “Latinos” in the U.S., is imperative that it recognizes that the message will have to be tailored to each specific market, if it wants to have any kind of relevance.  

Secondly, there is not one single platform directed and tailored to each Latino market in the U.S.  As an example, recently, we were looking to hire Latin@ Bloggers for our services as well as identifying websites with recent or interesting information on the contemporary Latino Community in the U.S. to no avail.  It was very difficult to find trending topics or even a place to check out events and social  issues for Latinos in the U.S. In most cases, the information is fragmented, often too general and mainly a literal translation of an English language version that many times does not convey the right message or accounts for each Latino Community’s sensibility.  Even more difficult and challenging was finding relevant and meaningful information about Latino Communities for specific cities in the U.S.  We are trying to bridge that gap by providing a place dedicated to each Latino Community through this special Community Building Platform.  Only quality content, products and services will be available for tech savvy Latinos in the U.S.

Many Latin@ bloggers are successfully offering services that are complementary to our main goal: to create a personable and pertinent source of news and events for the Latino Communities throughout the U.S., city by city.  We, at Buydega, want to help YOU reach your audience.

We are trying to create a place to showcase local and social events, relevant news, fairs, concerts legal advice, social events, and high quality products, recommendations and all matters that are important to Latinos in their local cities.  We don’t want to create a generic, “one size fits all”, approach for YOU.  For that, there are other services and websites.  On the contrary, Buydega wants to hear your own unique voice; we want to share your happy moments.  We want to provide you with a curated selection, on a weekly basis, of specials services and special items all for our discerning users.  

This is a unique time in our Nation’s history where our voices must be heard, our rights need to be respected and our contribution to the well being of this Country of ours should be recognized. It is time for Buydega!  

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