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9 back to school tips for a fresh start

By September 24, 2015 No Comments

September is getting closer and a new academic year is about to start. After a long summer holiday, a new back to school represents a big change for any child, especially when facing a new culture and classmates.

This can be very anxious for children with so many questions in their minds: “will I fit in? Will I get along with my new classmates and teachers? Will they like me?”

However, we can lower these anxiety levels with these following tips:

  1. Get your child familiarised with the new environment.

It’s been proven that new places increase our anxiety levels, so try to take your child for a tour around his/her new school before the first day.

You could also arrange a first meeting with the teacher or contact the rest of the parents and introduce your child to one of his new classmates before going to school.

It’ll be better for your child if he knows already someone when he steps for the first time into the classroom.

  1. Establish a back to school routine.

Although the summer isn’t over yet, it’s good to set a routine to get used to the new rhythm. Try to do it little by little so the change isn’t that abrupt.

Try to get him up and have lunch at a certain time to regulate his habits.

  1. Pay special attention to their diet.

School wastes a lot of energy. Make sure that your child has a healthy lunch at school. If he’s lacking energy during the first day, it’d be harder for him to keep going.

  1. Get your child involved in after-school activities.

This is the best way your child can make new friends. The key rule here is that you child has to enjoy what he’s doing so he can be relaxed to communicate with the rest of his classmates.

Normally sports or classes where he can develop practical skills work pretty well for this purpose, especially if he has to do teamwork activities.

  1. Strengthen your child’s self-confidence.

The self-confidence of your child can be a bit undermine during the back to school with so many new faces. Relight his self-confidence with a new outfit for his first day, for example. Look for something that he really likes and can be useful during the first day back to school.

Now your child is ready for his first day back to school. Share your tips in the comments below!

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